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Why choose a business centre in India when you could have your own office?

Here are some reasons

Freedom to focus on core Business

The single biggest advantage of a business centre over a self run office is that a business centre model allows companies to solely focus on their core business and leave the day to day running of the office in the hands of the business centre. In a self run office issues such as electricity and power backup problems, internet downtimes, management of housekeeping staff and security, repair and maintenance of furniture and many other such issues consume a significant portion of time which would be otherwise spent on focusing on the core business. A business centre takes over the daily running of each and every aspect of the office so that client companies, especially start ups can spend time on more important things. The hassle and headache of the daily running of the office is does not fall on the shoulders of the client companies anymore.

Great for Start-ups and Small Sized Companies

A business centre model is ideal for start-ups and companies with only a few employees. Flexible lease periods allow for easy entry and exit. There is also no headache of hiring and firing support staff and purchasing equipment like printers, fax machines, photocopiers, beverage machines and scanners as all these can be used on a shared basis with the other client companies. With a single monthly payment any client company is entitled to the use of these and many more services for any preferred duration. In a self run office staff has to be hired and equipment has to be purchased and in the event of closing down operations, dispensing of such resources is troublesome and costly.

Space allocation
Self-run office North Star Business Centres
Reception Anywhere between 200 to 400 sq.ft of space is required. Common reception with plush, yet tasteful aesthetics.
Break Spaces Coffee bar , Pantry, etc., a must in today’s offices; would require a minimum of 200 sq.ft. Management and hygiene factors involved in Pantry upkeep can prove to be costly. North Star has a coffee bar and a pantry on every floor. Pantries are stocked and managed carefully.
Server room A minimum of 100 sq.ft of space is needed. The server room is fully equipped and if you wish to have your own servers, we can provide space on our racks.
Lavatory Anywhere between 150 to 300 sq. ft is required. Well-maintained, individual lavatories for men and women on every floor
Front office executive One person is required. Our team of executives is enabled by state-of-the-art technology supported by additional manpower as and when the need arises.
Security Huge overheads involved. 24×7 Security. Security charges are absorbed by North Star
House Keeping Personnel, materials and standards. Trained to meet the best standards, our executives supervise a team of 5 assistants. House keeping charges are absorbed by North Star
Office support personnel Admin staff, accountants, Peons, etc. Let alone office support, our executives could provide basic assistance in your work too. Our peons could even be at your disposal for work outside the office.
IT and Telecom Support For small offices, it doesn’t make sense to have onsite support – whereas AMCs are an additional cost burden. North Star provides you the best onsite support at zero costs.
Capital expenses
Self-run office North Star Business Centres
Furnishing Investment in furniture is heavy and it could take from 5-7 years to recover this. Also, once invested, the scope for re-location and expansion is lost. A 2-month refundable deposit is your only cash outlay at North Star. Besides the benefits of zero-capital expenses, customers can scale up or down rapidly.
Telecom and IT data center IT investments depreciate rapidly. Moreover setup of key requirements like data centre and EPABX is resource intensive. These may also be difficult to scale up rapidly. With a North Star office, not only can you avail of the latest technology and skilled personnel, you need not bother about maintenance and management.
Extra monthly overheads
Self-run office North Star Business Centres
Maintenance of assets / Annual maintenance contracts All furniture, IT and telecom equipment require regular maintenance. This is absolved as the costs are incurred by North Star.
Power costs, Water, Pest control Additional add-on charges. Absorbed by NorthStar.
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