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Why Choose North Star Business Centres?

  1. Location and Commute Advantage
    • North Star Business Centres is located strategically at an advantageous point Sector 5, Noida providing both proximity & commute advantage for Delhi and Noida
    • North Star Business Centres is a 5 minute drive from the DND Toll Plaza and a 3 minute drive from the Sector 15 Metro Station, at Noida.
    • Just 20 minute drive from the Ashram Chowk, in South Delhi.
  2. Individual Air Conditioning units
    • Most business centres have a central air conditioning system which does not allow a client to work beyond certain timing as this proves too costly for the business centre.
    • We at North Star have found a way around this problem by equipping all of our cabins with individual air conditioning units. As a result, all our clients can work as per their preferred timings allowing for greater flexibility.
  3. 24×7 Business Centre
    • We are equipped to run 24×7 depending on the individual requirements of our clients. (Note- There will be additional charges for 24×7 usage)
  4. Cabins for all seating capacities
    • We offer cabins ranging from the following seating capacities-
      – Single Seater Cabins
      – Two Seater Cabins
      – Three Seater Cabins
      – Four Seater Cabins
      – Five Seater Cabins
      – Six Seater Cabins
      – Seven Seater Cabins
      – Eight Seater Cabins
      – Nine Seater Cabins
      – (10-20) Seater Cabins
  5. Easy Expansion Options
    • A number of different cabins with varied seating capacities allows for easy expansion within North Star for our clients as they add more personnel to their workforce over a period of time. We can simply shift them to another cabin with more or lesser workstations and change their package accordingly.
  6. Short Term and Long Term Leases
    • Our clients can sign a lease agreement with us for a duration as small as 3 months up to a period of two years.
  7. Boutique Business Centre that caters to individual needs
    • Being a boutique business centre allows us to provide our clients with customized and individually tailored work solutions that large scale business centres are unable to offer.
    • Be it flexible work timings, customized office spaces or individually tailored packages, a boutique business centre like ours is flexible enough to cater to all these requests.
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